Corinne cook nick low beauty
Corinne cook nick posed 3view
Corinne cook conceptand3d
Corinne cook nick neautral 4view

Low Poly

Corinne cook nick high posed

Final High Poly Pose for Dylan Ekren's class

Corinne cook nick high neautral

High Poly Sculpt

Corinne cook nick wire
Corinne cook mapbreakdown 01

This a character I sculpted during Dylan Ekren's Appealing Characters course a few months ago. I learned a ton from his course, but it focused on creating a nice high poly sculpt and I wanted to go back and make it game ready too. So here's the results from both the class and the low poly I created after.

Concept by Puba 24:

Thank you to Jonathan Caro for making the brick texture that’s used on the wall. You can purchase his material here: and see more of his work on Artstation:

August 16, 2019