Mercedes AMG Powerwall

Company: All Things Media

The Mercedes Benz AMG Powerwall is a real time interactive application that showcases the AMG line of vehicles and components. Each car and component uses original CAD that is sorted, shaded, lit, and animated. I am responsible for assisting in sorting, lighting, and shading cars in addition to shading, rigging, and animating components alongside a team of artists and programmers.

- Nominated for Best VizSim Project and the Golden Cube Award in the 2016 Unity Awards -
- Motion Award Winner for Interactive UI/Visual Design in 2017 -

The Team: Dan McDonald, Paris Hall, Jose Marin, Jonathan Caro, Peter Karnik, Matt Dale, Steven Donnet, Keith Beltramini, Alexander Cooper, Murad Bey, Ryan Bailey, Chris Wnuck, Brian D'Hurieux, Dan Teshima, and many others.

May 23, 2018